We don’t usually take our “show” on the road, but when our very good friend Susan Blumenfeld, one of this year’s co- chairs, asked us to participate in the 43rd Chappaqua Antiques Show that took place this past weekend, we could not refuse.

The Chappaqua Antiques Show, which is sponsored by the New Castle Historical Society, raises important funds to support the Horace Greeley House Museum and its rich calendar of educational activities for school groups and community members.  It is deeply steeped in the history of Chappaqua, a sleepy Westchester suburb and is the Society’s most important event of the year.

The Historical Society is housed in The Horace Greeley House, which was the family’s country home from 1864-1872 and serves the surrounding communities with its programs, exhibits, and extensive research resources.


Horace Greeley House

(photo courtesy of the New Castle Historical Society website)


 Although Chappaqua may be best known as the town of residence for the Clintons, it is rich in history as well.   The town’s famed early settler, Horace Greeley, who made famous the quote: ”Go west young man”, would have been proud to see us changing the traditional landscape of the show by infusing it with a mega-dose of our Mid Century Glamour.

Our Room with quite a view


Mid Mod Glamour with oh so stunning vintage fabric pillows


Accessorized to perfection



Amazing Candlesticks


Wegner Sofa...perfection


And the show attendees could not have been more pleased as well.  With the notoriety of Mad Men, Mid Century Design has become more widely recognized and sought after, and as a result, we were quite an attraction.   Our particular style of MCM Glamour is quite eclectic and as a result, mixes well with more traditional design, offering many attendees the opportunity to add our pieces to their existing décor. 


Divine for any decor



Sculptural beauty



Not your Grandfather's Wing Chair



Sublime: Edward Wormley for Dunbar Desk



Referred to as a “vast oasis", our booth was quite busy and drew wonderful comments along with many “ooos and aaahs”.  And we were delighted to sell several many pieces as well.

It is not often that we have the opportunity to follow up with a “where are they now” post, but fortuitously, Irwin spent some time this past week helping one of his favorite clients further complete her space in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday.

It just so happens that she is the proud owner of this very special pair of winged back chairs that we featured in our most recent “Taking Flight” post.  They had flown the coop and we wanted to report on their safe landing.


Pair of Modernist Winged Back Chairs

featured in our last post


So, in recognition of another wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and all that is Saintly, these wings, which require no dipping sauces, are thriving in their new nest, where they are happily surrounded by many other friends from the gallery.


As they are now, thriving in their new nest


Winged Beauty: Taking Flight

If asked, my children would tell you that I was actually around during the advent of the winged back chair.  Although I have been around the block a couple of times, I would just like to state publicly, I DO NOT predate the winged back chair.

The winged back chair (aka wing chair aka easy chair aka grandfather chair aka saddle-cheeks chair) actually made its debut in the US sometime during the late1600s and gained popularity during colonial times.  Designed with “winged” sides to keep its guests warm while protecting them from the intense heat of a roaring fire, the winged back chair was instantly a staple in American homes.

Thirty years ago, I would probably have described the winged back chair as a very formal tufted, buttoned leather chair with winged sides, possibly with nail heads, positioned in front of the roaring fire of a formal library; the kind of chair in which you would expect to find a large cigar- smoking tycoon sipping brandy.  Today, I know better.

Winged back chairs now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in traditional as well as modern designs.  Darwin himself would have been most pleased with the longevity of this plucky species, whose lengthy survival can be attributed to its comfort as well as its astonishing ability to adapt.

But nothing could have prepared the winged back chair for the changes that ensued during the 1950s and 1960s.  Mid Century design enabled the winged back chair to truly take flight and shatter boundaries, soaring to new heights. No longer relegated to stuffy libraries and brandy snifting moguls, the winged back chair spread its wings, nesting comfortably in almost every room in the house, thus fueling our ongoing love affair with it. Once the winged back chair wormed its way into our hearts, there was no stopping the popularity of this embracing chair.

We adore the winged back chair and its many incarnations.  

Our latest pair of Lovebirds:

Conversation-worthy & roomy

pair of MCM winged back chairs


Their transformation is truly electrifying.

Our lovebirds before the transformation


Other winged back beauties in our sanctuary:


Modified winged back mCM faux bamboo chair


Modified winged back mid century chaise


Still others that have recently flown the coop:



pair of modernist winged back chairs


supersized mid century modern winged back chair



So, when you are next in the market for a comfortable chair, make the “easy chair” choice, the time tested poster chair for “change we can sit in”, the winged back chair.