What better way to usher in the holiday season, than to visit a designer show house centered on the celebration of holidays, and more importantly, life. Holiday House NYC is celebrating its 3rd year, bringing talented designers together for fifteen days during the heart of the holiday season to raise much needed funds for the Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

With the importance of raising Breast Cancer awareness as well as finding a cure, we were delighted to be able to participate in this amazing event again this year and present a holiday that is near and dear to our hearts: Snow Day. 

While not on the list of traditional holidays, Everyone Loves a Snow Day!  And when a really good one happens to come along, there is no better place to spend it than in our cozy, warm Snow Day room at Holiday House.

When Irwin first decided to do Snow Day and saw his room, he knew that the centerpiece of the room had to be the magnificent Tommi Parzinger chandelier.

With a peculiarly shaped room containing four doors, two windows an oddly placed mantel, walls in horrific condition, carpeting cemented to the floor AND no partridge in a pear tree, he knew this was going to be a challenge. But Irwin is always up for a challenge and despite becoming sick with Pneumonia just days before Thanksgiving, did more than deliver an exceptionally designed room; he presented the essence of a perfect Snow Day.

Paint played an instrumental role in transforming the odd room into a Snow Day Cinderella story and the expertise of Fabricio Fabri of F&F Faux Finish Painting was key.  Not only are he and his staff immensely talented, they are equally as nice and were, as always a pleasure to work with.

And no Snow Day would be complete without…SNOW, so we brought the outdoors in by collaborating with Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios and had her take my image of snow, taken in Central Park during last year’s blizzard, and creating wallpaper that we then layered with several bird photos taken during the same day.  The result is staggering and the layered wall has so much depth and dimension that the beauty of the great outdoors truly enraptures you. 

Our fourth son also makes an appearance in the room because no one loves a Snow Day more than Charlie!  With his nose buried in the snow, he is the epitome of a Snow Day enthusiast. He is joined by a skiing foursome replete with cigarettes in hand, enjoying “Fresh Air and Good Company” along with our “deer” friend who found his way into our fireplace. 

Numerous other “snow” references abound in the room, filling glasses, bowls, jars and our imaginations with sparkling, glistening flakes.

Everyone loves a Snow Day....Even the mouse!

With mugs and plates from our favorite Stamford CT neighbor Juliska, we are ready to weather any storm.

And the furnishings, a sensory delight to both eyes as well as touch, all available in our gallery, covered in an array of plush fabrics including mohair, corduroy, faux fur, lace and a splash of orange velvet. Cerused wood along side dreamy French polished as well as lacquered pieces and a supremely phenomenal Norman Mercer Lucite sculpture entitled Stelladron I.



Sitting on a beautiful rug, hand knotted in Tibet courtesy of Kooches, Snow Day reigns supreme!

If you are in the NYC area, please stop by and become inspired while helping to raise funds for Komen for the Cure.  Housed in a magnificent limestone mansion located a 2 E. 63rd Street, Holiday House offers the perfect respite for a busy holiday shopping or work day. Now through December 15th.www.holidayhousenyc.com

And, please remember our Pretty in Pink 4 Life Mid Century Bench is still available with ALL proceeds of its sale going to Komen CT.  It can be seen in the Rizzoli shop at Holiday House.

Last Wednesday night we had the pleasure of premiering Irwin’s interpretation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at Spring Awakening, a Broadway inspired Tabletop Show to benefit the Summer Theatre of New Canaan.  Charles Pavarini III and Randall Tarasuk assembled an amazing collection of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey designers who displayed settings that rivaled any Broadway opening night.  We were humbled and honored to be included in such an auspicious group.

Immediately upon entering the spacious room at Le Beau Chateau, Irwin knew exactly what he wanted to do.  The space and the show (a musical that never made it past previews in 1966) buoyed his imagination and the magnificent Stroheim fabric became the inspiration and the foundation of the scene he began to build.   Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a very NYC story; elegant and sophisticated, with a sense of humor that Irwin made sure to reflect in his interpretation.

So please, make yourselves comfortable and turn off all cell phones as we raise the curtain on Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The scene begins with George Ratkai’s oil on canvas entitled Man & Woman symbolizing Holly & “Fred” the main characters of the show, who in reality, need no names.  Below them is an Edward Wormely for Dunbar Bench and a Lucite and chrome cigarette table

They find themselves on Fifty Seventh Street, just around the corner from Fifth Avenue where they are greeted by a Frederick Weinberg horse cart offering up bubbly along with the sweet smell of spring’s flowers in Central Park.

The MCM floor lamp graces a custom handmade shade reminiscent of a Hepburn chapeau.

The beauty of NYC surrounds them and Norman Mercer’s incredible Lucite sculptures atop the mirrored pedestals represent New York’s majestic skyline reflected magnificently by our scrolled mirrors.



The massive Tiffany doors stand erect, beautifully built and faux finished by our wonderfully talented friend Fabrizio, of F & F Faux Finish Painting and are accented by our brilliant glass rod sconces placed strategically as handles.

The Baughman Love Chair is covered in hot pink and is …well, it just is and does not require any further commentary; you can just let your imagination go wild.  It is marvelously comfortable covered with splendid pillows, a copy of the work and a vintage piece of Marcy Feld Jewelry.  It is paired with a white Sculptura floor lamp and the "Atomic Scientist" lithograph by John Brunsdon, along with a Pace end table.

The inspiration for the setting, the striking Stroheim fabric covers the unique barstools which Irwin has re-sculpted to mimic the shape of a woman’s body and appear as incarnations of Holly sans the sunglasses: The peaked corners are our homage to Cat.

The “Tiffany” table is our custom designed MCM inspired piece that Tiffany’s purchased several of for the fifth Avenue store and is flanked by our sexy Grosfeld House chairs covered in dazzling Donghia fabric.  The entire scene is set upon the exquisite Yardo Silk Rug courtesy of Kooches.

And the tabletop?

It is brimming with painstaking details from the layered Juliska “fountain” topped with our little MCM rooster to the coffee bean filled cups.  Breakfast treats, including Tiffany box inspired petit fours adorn this magnificent mercury mirrored table with baguette edges and iron base.

 The table, trimmed with Tiffany blue ribbon, is set with glorious Juliska crystal and our personal Bernardaud Limoges china designed by Josef Hoffmann.  The cereal bowls are filled with pewter coco puffs and Juliska napkin encircled by our “Engaging” napkin rings designed by Irwin. 

 The details are unending and may require several viewings so please feel free to enjoy the visual feast and remember no flash photography is allowed during the performance.

Where the Wild Things Are

While we no longer roam the Serengeti, and most of us never did, we are all wild, wild about this new oasis we call home.

I was not the first to arrive, but somehow I was made the leader.  I was happy to accommodate and fill the position because it offered me something I had never been privileged to have before, contact with others of my kind.

To breath fresh air once again, that was my first thought as my container was opened and the twinkling stars in the gallery sky greeted me.  It had been so long, and I was so tired that I could not truly appreciate how far I had come.

 Confined in a glass and pewter cage for more years than I cared to remember, I watched life pass me by. Surrounded by crystal figurines and articles of whimsy, I watched helplessly as wall calendars came and went.  As seasons changed, I continued my isolated existence with only the occasional gentle touch of a human hand.

Things in my vantage point varied occasionally, visitors came and went but I remained as I was, perched dangerously high on a cliff made of glass.  Then one day my life was turned upside down. I was removed from my crystal cave and thrown into a dark dungeon and that is where I remained until I was released into my current habitat.

Lion King

And there I was, amongst my own for the first time that I could remember.  No longer in a cage, I felt like part of a community.  I was greeted every morning by happy smiling human faces who moved me on a regular basis and allowed me to visit with others like myself, who were delighted to find themselves in this sanctuary.

One of the first residents to greet me was Rhino.  He had arrived just days before and was happy to find another to socialize with.  He explained that he had been known in his former community as a leader, but his massive tusks had posed a threat to some of the young humans residing there, and rather than remove his striking attributes, he was boxed and sent to this safe haven.


Rhino introduced me to Giraffe who has spent her life until this point in the care of a young human who had cherished and coveted her.  The young human had received Giraffe as a gift at birth and had kept her close by for years, but had recently been forced to downsize for economic reasons and could no longer care for Giraffe. It was a sad parting, but Giraffe was happy to have been delivered to such a fine home.


And the introductions continued.  There was Dodo, who had recently been featured in a prominent position during Holiday House and was confident that he would find a permanent home soon and the Polar Bears, who had just awoken from hibernation and were anxious to find a new habitat before the next winter.  Just a short distance away I found Roadrunner, who could not be in one place long enough to really chat with anyone and young Leo, a thin wiry cub who I have become a mentor to.


Polar Bears






 At the gates to our empire, I saw Flamingo, so statuesque and poised, standing guard, anxious to greet the next visitor to the gallery and Ram bowed gracefully in meditative prayer, instilling a sense of peace and calm throughout the land.   



This is my kingdom.  I am its leader and I live here surrounded by things of startling beauty and style. Here is where the wild things are.