As the moon set I set the alarm for two am, yet by midnight I was still awake.  I could not shake the events of the past few days and I could not get this phrase out of my head: “More being, less doing.”


The moon setting over "our" mountain


It is no secret that we love our life in the country. We have managed to rebuild a slow home that we have furnished with vintage and mid century pieces and live an intentionally slower life that we fully embrace.  We even held off bringing internet into our home for over ten years, fearing that it might inhibit the quality of life we enjoy here.  I write about it all the time, the slower pace, the thoughtful lifestyle, paying attention to the little things, making memories, taking the time to smell thethe rebirth of spring, but never had the importance of this lifestyle become clearer to me than this past week.

I attended the memorial service of a friend’s sibling, an extraordinary individual who passed away too soon. Although the situation was tragic, the celebration of his being was stunning and I walked away wishing I had known him in life. His wife’s words resonated in my head as she reflected upon their life together, wishing that there were “more being and less doing”.

More Bee-ing


So simply stated, it was profound: More being, less doing. Which brings me back to Friday night.  Setting the alarm and getting up at 2am would probably have not been a priority two or three years ago.  I would have probably set the alarm with good intentions and then shut if off and gone back to sleep.  I now know better.  Given the finite amount of time we are privileged to be here and how quickly it flutters by, every day & every experience is a gift to be savored. The time spent “being” is why we do all the ”doing” in the first place.

Life Flutters by


Although I know that inherently, and write as well as talk about it, I often forget to do it.  My children remind me of this all the time and to be honest, I am not always the best at practicing what I preach, but I am going to try each and every day as I chant my new mantra: More being, less doing.

So, Irwin and I took a blanket outdoors after 2am and lay under several more as we faced the Northern sky awaiting a five thousand year old event that did not disappoint.  We spent over three hours gazing at the meteor shower and the enormity of the heavens; just being, not doing.

Perseid Meteor Shower


Where the Wild Things Are

While we no longer roam the Serengeti, and most of us never did, we are all wild, wild about this new oasis we call home.

I was not the first to arrive, but somehow I was made the leader.  I was happy to accommodate and fill the position because it offered me something I had never been privileged to have before, contact with others of my kind.

To breath fresh air once again, that was my first thought as my container was opened and the twinkling stars in the gallery sky greeted me.  It had been so long, and I was so tired that I could not truly appreciate how far I had come.

 Confined in a glass and pewter cage for more years than I cared to remember, I watched life pass me by. Surrounded by crystal figurines and articles of whimsy, I watched helplessly as wall calendars came and went.  As seasons changed, I continued my isolated existence with only the occasional gentle touch of a human hand.

Things in my vantage point varied occasionally, visitors came and went but I remained as I was, perched dangerously high on a cliff made of glass.  Then one day my life was turned upside down. I was removed from my crystal cave and thrown into a dark dungeon and that is where I remained until I was released into my current habitat.

Lion King

And there I was, amongst my own for the first time that I could remember.  No longer in a cage, I felt like part of a community.  I was greeted every morning by happy smiling human faces who moved me on a regular basis and allowed me to visit with others like myself, who were delighted to find themselves in this sanctuary.

One of the first residents to greet me was Rhino.  He had arrived just days before and was happy to find another to socialize with.  He explained that he had been known in his former community as a leader, but his massive tusks had posed a threat to some of the young humans residing there, and rather than remove his striking attributes, he was boxed and sent to this safe haven.


Rhino introduced me to Giraffe who has spent her life until this point in the care of a young human who had cherished and coveted her.  The young human had received Giraffe as a gift at birth and had kept her close by for years, but had recently been forced to downsize for economic reasons and could no longer care for Giraffe. It was a sad parting, but Giraffe was happy to have been delivered to such a fine home.


And the introductions continued.  There was Dodo, who had recently been featured in a prominent position during Holiday House and was confident that he would find a permanent home soon and the Polar Bears, who had just awoken from hibernation and were anxious to find a new habitat before the next winter.  Just a short distance away I found Roadrunner, who could not be in one place long enough to really chat with anyone and young Leo, a thin wiry cub who I have become a mentor to.


Polar Bears






 At the gates to our empire, I saw Flamingo, so statuesque and poised, standing guard, anxious to greet the next visitor to the gallery and Ram bowed gracefully in meditative prayer, instilling a sense of peace and calm throughout the land.   



This is my kingdom.  I am its leader and I live here surrounded by things of startling beauty and style. Here is where the wild things are.