It was the grand finale of the 2010 Olympic games; the last competition before the closing ceremony and in a nail-biting display of skill and true grit, our fate was sealed in sudden death overtime.  Team USA was defeated by Canada and in a heart wrenching second, all dreams of US hockey gold were squashed.

As disappointing as it might be for the team, its fans and our country, we must not dwell on our loss.  We must embrace our success and remember the drive and determination that made us the great nation that we are today. This is particularly true in manufacturing and production.

Many of the industries that helped make our nation a manufacturing giant are shadows of their former glory and many more have moved manufacturing, production and customer support to the other side of the globe in an attempt to sustain profits. While many have abandoned the “Made in America” maxim, there are still many companies manufacturing quality products right here in the good old US of A; reinventing themselves as well as the way they do business in order to flourish in the 21st Century.  These companies understand that while prices may be difficult to compete with, quality and service are certainly not. We are proud members of this “Made in America” winning team.

We understand that, ”With simple, clean, comfort in mind, the “Greatest Generation” drew upon their ingenuity and determination, to produce timeless, elegant, modern decor.“  We are committed to lovingly restoring these fine examples of Mid-Century craftsmanship so that they remain testaments to renewable design for the 21st Century.” [ The Legacy of the Greatest Generation: It All began With a Sofa March 20, 2009 ]

By “re-making” these American beauties, we are not only perpetuating the fine work of the “Greatest Generation”, but we are reducing our carbon footprint and promoting greener, eco- friendly, renewable design. In addition, many of our  “remade in America” pieces are exported globally, contributing to the U.S. export market as well.

Here’s specifically what we do:

  • We deconstruct almost every piece that we acquire

  • We refinish and repair the wood

  • We polish the metal

  • We reupholster and repair and/ or replace the foundation of the piece [ Inner Beauty Feb 1,2010 ]
  • We rewire all lighting

And, in addition, we offer exclusivity.  What do we mean by that?

Well, when Irwin painstakingly combines elements from different Mid Century Modern pieces and adds his own design twist, he not only builds iconic “re-made  in America” pieces germane to today’s lifestyle needs, but by doing so, offers our clients the added luxury of exclusivity.  Our clients appreciate the inimitability of these designs, which are much akin to “Furniture Couture”, and facilitate the creation of personalized spaces.

Here are several examples of "Furniture Couture": 

 A one of a kind  Mid Century Pleated Mirror created by layering three different pieces together:

We've gone for the gold with this giant starburst mirror

A coffee table that has been "re-made" as an amazing bench:


We've taken silver with this Eyelash bench

While we know that we are not an industry giant and are truly a unique niche business, we also understand that contributions both large and small are instrumental in changing the way things are done.

Other "Re-Made in America" Favorites:

pair of Knoll style club chairs


Mid Century Modern Media console


tall modernist chrome lamps


MCM end tables

And while almost all of the furnishings, lighting and accessories in the gallery are made and “remade in America”, occasionally, we grant citizenship to a select group of foreigners who have pledged allegiance to being “Re-Made in America”.

italian glass Rod Sputnik Chandelier


Inner Beauty

We are over a half-century old and, if I must say so myself, my sister Lynn and I look better than most models half our age.  I’d like to tell you that a strict course of maintenance is responsible for our beautiful shape and youthful glow, but I would be lying.  

We were natural beauties from birth.  Although we were delivered hours apart, we were identical in every way and it was almost impossible to distinguish between us. In fact, we were named Lynn and Anne because everybody agreed that we were “cut from the same cloth”.

We led carefree lives, never giving a moment’s thought to maintaining our appearance, never even considering the possibility of aging. We draped ourselves in cheap fabric and allowed our chassis to be abused. We were coveted at dinner parties and caressed by envious hands.  Life seemed grand.

By the time Lynn and I reached our 40’s our glow began to fade and with it, our popularity.  Without our legendary looks, my sister and I felt like haggard facades, with no foundation for support. 

It was a startling epiphany for us: The recognition that our kind of beauty was fleeting and did not withstand the test of time.  Our beauty, like our young admirers, had abandoned us, leaving us without purpose and washed up before we were even middle aged.  

Summoning an inner strength we never knew we possessed, Lynn and I picked up our tired, paunchy bodies and began our journey of self-realization.  As luck would have it, we found ourselves rediscovered at an open call audition for has-been models like ourselves where we were chosen by Irwin.  We had no idea what he had planned for us, but we knew instinctively that we were on the proper path.

We listened carefully as Irwin spoke.  Although “we had enduring style,” he said, our foundation was severely damaged and needed to be: “Rebuilt, literally from the bottom up.”

Rebuilt....From the bottom up

We held our breaths as our surgeon Alex, made the first cut. Surprisingly pain free, we stared in awe as my sister and I were stripped of our shoddy upholstery, revealing an all but disintegrated batting and deteriorated webbing.  Lynn and I were immediately stabilized as our webbing and batting were promptly replaced.


Rebuilt...From the inside out

When the final stitch was strategically placed, our arms were once again youthful and our legs were bronzed and glowing.  At that moment, we felt an exhilaration that we had never experienced. With a secure foundation, our once paunchy seats, were perky and firm once again.


youthful arms & glowing legs

Lynn and I are more stunning and vivacious than ever before and secure in knowing that our beauty goes well beyond the surface.  We have been restored from the bottom up and the inside out


Waiting for finishing touches

We are equally as proud of the beauty you see, as well as our inner beauty, the greatest gift we have ever received.  We no longer take our beauty for granted and thankfully understand the valuable lesson we learned.


 Studded club chairs: Beauty inside & out

We stand before you now as identical as we were upon delivery and grateful in knowing that true beauty can only be achieved after inner beauty is realized.