Holiday Greetings from Irwin Feld Design,

Where Mid Century Modern sparkles and shines.

From case pieces to lighting to seating galore,

Artwork and mirrors, accessories and more.



 Sparkle & Shine



Case Pieces, Lighting, Artwork & More



Majestic dining tables restored with love,

Spotlighted by sputnik chandeliers hanging from above.

A pedestal desk with a tripod base,

A sleek floor lamp with a shade of lace.


Majestic X Based Dining Table




Sputnik Chandelier


Pedestal Desk with a tripod Base



A Sleek Floor lamp with a shade of lace


Credenzas and dressers and beautiful chests,

Five thousand square feet of furnishings welcome our guests.

Versatile buffets with tapered legs and casters,

Timeless design created by masters.


Ebonized Entrancemaker credenza



Versatile Buffet with tapered legs and casters

Now Gibbings! Now Ponti! Now Wormley and Kagan.
On, Frankl! On, Seibel! On Ratkai and Baughman.
With Jere and Probber, Stuart, and Springer,

Longo and Sonneman et al, each one a winner.


T.H. Robsjohn gibbings credenza


edward wormley for dunbar desk



cerused table by paul frankl


 Ben seibel bookends


 daphne by george ratkai



 tiered urchin sculpture by jere



 pair of john stuart benches



dark brite by vincent longo


No need for the chimney, our door will do,

A magical kingdom is waiting for you.

With wishes for Holidays joyous and dear,

And health, happiness, peace & prosperity throughout the next year.



Have a wonderful Mid Century Holiday!


Welcome back to our second IFD Focus, which will now be a monthly feature on our blog.  It is an opportunity to present, in a primarily pictorial fashion, an area of focus that we deem to be important and believe is of interest to you.

Today’s focus is on Art.  The contribution of Art to almost any space is immeasurable and the mediums, styles, and price points available are infinite.  Back in March of 2009, Irwin wrote Start with the Art, where he suggests beginning the design of a room with art.  Whether you subscribe to that school of thought or to the myriad of other possibilities, incorporating art into your surroundings will enrich your life.

So without further ado, allow me to present some of the amazing works of art we are privileged to have in the gallery.



Oil on Canvas:


 Independence by Leon Wall.  Oil on Canvas




Oil on Canvas by Sid Maurer


 Daphne by  George Ratkai.  Oil on canvas 1963


Encounter by George Ratkai. Oil on Canvas 1960



Le Ruisseau d' Esparrignac by Henri Cueco. Oil on Canvas 1960's


Silkscreens including a substantial collection by noted artist Vincent Longo:




Cluster by Vincent Longo

1964: Silkscreen  5/25




Center: Grid by Vincent Longo

1964 Silkscreen AP


1970: Silkscreen by listed artist Nadine Prado. 5/10 AP



1970: Framed silkscreen by listed artist Nadine Prado 33/100 AP




Series 8 Vertical Tri Motif Silkscreen AP by Gordon House



Series 8 Vertical Tri Motif Silkscreen AP by Gordon House


Giclee Prints of Etchings:

Print of Horse bit etching from the 1600's

Print of Horse bit etching from the 1600's


Print of Saturn Cosmos etching from the 1800's



Print of Venus Cosmos etching from the 1800's






Giclee Print of Original Photograph



"Fran" by Lu Jarvis

Giclee Print of Original Photograph



Brown Bird in a Blizzard by Marcy Feld.  Giclee print 2010



Cardinal in a Blizzard by Marcy Feld.  Giclee print 2010


Prints of Pen & Ink Drawings from the '60s:





Whatever your taste or budget, surround yourself with art and become inspired each and every day.


For additional information on any of the art featured in this post, please visit the inventory section of our website.