Over a week has passed since our 2nd Annual Road Party and while the bubbly and food have all but disappeared, the memories and flowers linger still. 

This year we opted for a brunch event where we served our newly famous Belgian waffles with fresh whipped cream and fruit along with home made biscotti and thirst quenching Mimosas.


Our very own chef: Irwin   

We decided to utilize the porch and front lawn, which are both shady and cool during the early part of the afternoon and had an immeasurable amount of help from our neighbor Jeanne, who co-hosted the gathering as well as our good friends Marty and Robyn, who came for the weekend.                                              


 Jeanne, our neighbor and resident bartender

Our neighbors brought an array of epicurean edibles including scrumptious spinach and mushroom strata, spinach and feta individual spanakopita, a homemade peach cobbler, herb biscuits, parmesan rolls, a fresh blueberry pie from the local blueberry festival and bottles and bottles of Prosecco.


Lots and lots of Prosecco


Unlike an evening event, which allows for more time to capture the set-up pictorially, a brunch with a warm main course does not permit such a luxury, so we hope you will use your imagination.

What I was able to capture were the simple,colorful floral arrangements Irwin made from an assortment of flowers Jeanne ordered from a local farm.  The total cost for the flowers was a mere thirty dollars and we are still enjoying the blooms more than a week later.  Irwin employed an assortment of vintage pieces including a silver plated pitcher, a pewter pitcher, assorted glass vases and our personal favorite, a ceramic swan that Irwin purchased in Virginia last year.



a pewter pitcher filled with farm favorites



A silver plate pitcher filled with a breathtaking assortment


the same pitcher over a week later 


a simple table set with a petite bouquet


the petite bouquet the following week



a beautiful swan


beautiful still

 Needless to say, a good time was had by all.                                                                 

                                      enjoying the afternoon


In our last post we suggested using found objects to hold candles for a little Midsummer Lights Dream. Found objects can also make interesting containers for flower arrangements, making every day a special occasion.  And this time of year the burgeoning plethora of wildflowers are wonderful additions to seasonal blooms.                                                                                                                          


Wildflowers, including Goldenrod

So, this weekend, purchase or pick some of this season’s best and fill your favorite containers.  Whether you are enjoying your time indoors or out,   surround yourself with the sweet bouquet of flowers and enjoy your very own Blooming-hills.






AnneLubnerDesigns's Gravatar Beautiful floral arrangements, love the mixing of colors and flowers! And suddenly I'm craving a Belgian waffle!
# Posted By AnneLubnerDesigns | 8/15/11 3:35 PM
marcy's Gravatar A VERY belated thank you Anne. It was a wonderful day and the waffles were quite tasty. Hope you are enjoying your summer-
# Posted By marcy | 8/31/11 1:34 PM
Tara's Gravatar Wow! The floral arrangements are stunning in their simplicity. The silver plate is particularly pretty, the blueish/purple colors are a great contrast to the greenery.

Kind regards,
Tara from Geneva
# Posted By Tara | 4/2/14 5:57 AM
Joe E. Wiliam's Gravatar Here is the wonderful flowers are in the vase and these vase are also quite attractive and beautiful designs. I'm also choose the some colorful flowers from my backyard and place them in vase they make room environment pleasant.
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