Embracing Our Future, One Hug at a Time

The other day, I was browsing through the Huffington Post, when I stumbled upon a post written by Robert J. Elisberg entitled: Michelle Obama and the Hug, No the Other Hug. It discussed the First Lady’s staggering approval rating so early in her White House tenure; especially noteworthy, given the bashing she received early on during the campaign.  Elisberg revealed that once the public was exposed to Michelle Obama and “saw her in action”, they were able to evaluate her based on her merit and draw their own conclusions. “And in doing so, utterly repudiated the shameless, unprecedented, cruel smears of a mere eight months earlier.”
There can be no better forecaster of our future than our readiness to share a pure, unadulterated hug, whether real or metaphorical. We respond positively to simple acts of kindness and genuine shows of affection, and when given the opportunity, we can differentiate between what is authentic and what is not. 
Although the royal hug received much attention, Elisberg reminds us that the reaction of the schoolgirls after Mrs. Obama’s visit, to their school outside of London, “was far more profound”.  Some girls were screaming and crying overcome with joy and thrilled that Michelle Obama hugged them.
It is that genuine connection we have with each other that will allow us to persevere even in difficult times. Although Michelle Obama is amazing, she is not unique.  She represents the many remarkable men and women that surround us everyday. We all share her potential to inspire and lead by example.
So why not consider offering your support, your expertise, your wisdom, and yes, even a hug to show the people surrounding you how much you appreciate them. Family, friends, employees and clients all deserve the best you have to offer. Spread your good will and watch what happens.  Let’s embrace our future, one hug at a time.