A Labor of Love

The last hurrah of the summer season with its long lazy days, its bright blue skies and sumptuous outdoor meals has finally arrived.   For as long as I can remember (and on a good day that can be quite an extensive period), I have approached Labor Day with a mixture of excitement and dread.   The excitement of beginning of a new school year, with infinite promise and expectations, tempered by the impending dread of early darkness and frigid days.

Though it has been several many decades since I endured tropical temperatures in order to don my newest corduroys and long sleeve shirt for the first day of school, the emotions I felt all those years ago are still palpable and easily brought to the surface. 

It began Sunday night as I started to put the house in order.  I was achy, tired and cold.  At first I thought it was just exhaustion from helping our middle son move into his dorm the day before (a tale to be told on another day) and it was not until Monday morning that I realized that I was encountering that old Labor Day anxiety.

 There are just some things we never really outgrow. Like most emotions, they must be acknowledged and put into perspective before we can move forward.

On this particular Labor Day, it was easily done simply by taking a walk around our property.  Our garden, obviously taking slow home to heart, was still miraculously in full bloom.  This amazing vision easily quelled my ancient emotions and reminded me once again, to take the time to enjoy the subtleties of life and its changing seasons.

A virtual walking tour of our garden:(all photos taken 9/6/10)


While this seemingly endless bloom our garden is experiencing is probably the result of our early spring confusing nature’s clock, I prefer to think of it as nature’s Labor of Love, a very special anniversary gift for a very special anniversary: Our 30th.

Yes, today is our thirtieth anniversary and while I am back in the city, Irwin is in Brimfield; the first time we have ever been separated on this day.  And irony of all ironies, to celebrate our anniversary remotely, Irwin decided to surprise me by sending me photos throughout the day; photos he had taken yesterday at the house of things that really symbolize our love for our home, family and each other.

this is the image that I awoke to:"Happy Anniversary from Home"


Then, by mid-morning:"FTD Delivery" My favorite bouquet-No care required



At Dinnertime: Anniversary Dinner (taken by his hotel)


And Finally, this evening: "the sum of us"

The etching on the glass says:Authentic - like us!



The photos, along with captions were the sweetest gift and brought me to tears; truly a Labor of Love. The funny thing is, he had no idea what I was planning to write for this post, nor did he have any idea of the photos I had taken.  What can I say, after thirty years of marriage, you do think alike.

Happy Anniversary Honey! Here’s to a hundred thirty more years of love and laughter….

maybelline's Gravatar i love you both. this post got me all wonderfully teary and full of warmth. Stay healthy, happy and blessed always!
# Posted By maybelline | 9/8/10 1:51 PM
Marjorie and David's Gravatar Irwin and Marcy, Happy and Healthy 30th Anniversary,and
many,many more. Thank you for sharing............
# Posted By Marjorie and David | 9/8/10 2:38 PM
stinky's Gravatar Loving anniversary wishes to our dear Marcy & Irwin.
# Posted By stinky | 9/8/10 3:46 PM
Catherine's Gravatar Marcy,
Oh how I love the photos of your garden and your love for one another. What a beautiful celebration of your anniversary. May you have many, many more...
# Posted By Catherine | 9/8/10 11:42 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you everybody for your warm wishes, love & friendship. Irwin & I cherish you all!
# Posted By marcy | 9/9/10 12:19 PM
Jennifer Duchene's Gravatar What a touching read. I can connect in so many ways. The mix of joy and sorrow at the coming of the fall. The sweet remembrance of magic moments and the heady thrill of a Labor of Love. Happy 30 years. Enjoy the next 30 !

# Posted By Jennifer Duchene | 9/9/10 7:16 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Jennifer! So wonderful to know that you can relate- I think most people can, in some way. Although each person's feelings are unique-many of us experience similar emotions and it is always nice to know that we are not alone. Thank you for the anniversary wishes too!
# Posted By marcy | 9/9/10 8:01 PM
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