Yes, it is true we have found a home for our Pretty in Pink 4 Life bench and how befitting that it happened right before the universal day of Love, Valentine’s Day. It is truly a Love Story that was four months in the making.  Needless to say, we, along with Komen CT and countless others are overjoyed with this very happy ending; one that would absolutely never happened without the good friends of our Social Media Village.

A Sweetheart of a Valentine's Day gift!


As it happens we just celebrated our second anniversary on Twitter a week ago, having created our account February 13, 2009.  Simply typing that made me quite nostalgic and consequently I spent the last couple of hours attempting to locate my fist tweet. While I have not been able to locate either my first tweet or the first people I followed, I can remember how overwhelmed I felt at the prospect of engaging in any form of Social Media.  I was so overcome with fear that after the initial set up I did nothing with our Twitter account for almost two weeks, until that fateful day when my then eighteen year-old son agreed to give me a Twitter tutorial; one which lasted all of sixty seconds. His fingers flew across my keyboard as he followed a couple of dozen people and said: “This is all you need to do ….and if you're lucky, they’ll follow you back”. And with that, he was gone leaving me in the driver’s seat without a single driving lesson.  So I began my journey, driving in the slow lane, hunting and pecking, following and re-tweeting, learning and engaging.

Our Social Media Birth


Virtual conversations turned into real life meetings and priceless friendships, and as a result, here we are two years later, immersed in a generous, collaborative community of like-minded, talented individuals who make wishes come true and help seemingly impossible dreams become life-changing realities.


From Virtual to Real Life 

Photo courtesy of Amy Dragoo of


Off the Tweetdeck into the gallery

Yours Truly with Tamara Stephenson 

photo courtesy of Landino Photo

supporting friends at ICFF

Leslie Carothers, Me, Tracy Hiner, Maybelline Te

photo courtesy of Leslie carothers

And so it was for our beautiful Pretty in Pink 4 Life bench. We had been trying to find a home for it since mid-October and despite tweeting, blogging and facebooking our hearts out about it relentlessly, it remained homeless.

Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching and I was hoping to tap into the gift giving spirit.  I wrote another post about the bench and asked for help. I also emailed many of my SM friends asking them if they would include something about the bench in their posts about Valentine’s Day.  The result was better than I could have ever imagined and the bench has found a wonderful new home where it is cherished and loved.

It currently resides in the home of Philip Erdoes, aka @CEO_TheNewTrad, the CEO of the New Traditionalists, a design house focused on home furnishings and a client of Leslie Carothers the CEO and founder of The Kaleidoscope Partnership – a social media agency for the home furnishings and related industriesShe happened to share our blog post with Philip and as a result, he purchased the bench in honor of his three beautiful young daughters for Valentine’s Day.  And he did it because, as he said :”With three daughters I'm totally focused on that issue”.  And that says it all!

I cannot begin to thank the Social Media Village that made it possible…but I will try.

Many thanks to Marcy Michaud of @Stylesson for sharing our post on her site, Susan de Chaira of @the zhush for writing a lovely post on her blog, The Zhush, Amy Dragoo of @abcdesigns for featuring us on her guest post for @ChicModern, Wanda Horton (@wandashorton ) for her heartfelt post on her site Interior Concepts by Wanda S Horton and Yvonne Blacker (@yblacker) for asking us to be contributors in her fabulous new digital magazine New England Finery

Other good friends that helped make this happen by spreading the word include  @maybellinete @shorelychic @modenus @brivkind @averydesign @jgoden @swaygrl @nestnestnest @exuberanthome @annNyberg @DecoratingDiva @JuliskaDesigns @GimletMommy  and soo many more.

Our Social Media village is powerful and harnessing its power for business is wonderful, but using it to support lifesaving organizations like Komen for the Cure is beyond astounding.

Although this is indeed a VERY happy ending, it is not the end, but rather what we hope is the beginning of much collaboration, in support of Komen for the Cure.


 Happily ever after
photo courtesy of Philip Erdoes




Cynthia@exuberanthome's Gravatar Marcy, I can't even describe how happy this post made me! That beautiful bench has a new home, KomenCT has a big fat check and the strength of your SM community has demonstrated itself once again!! Kudos to everyone involved, yourself especially, for making this happen. Awesome!!
# Posted By Cynthia@exuberanthome | 2/21/11 7:09 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Cynthia for being so supportive and helping make this happen! Words cannot express our gratitude!
# Posted By marcy | 2/21/11 7:28 PM
Catherine's Gravatar So excited to hear that Komen CT is at last the beneficiary of your generosity. The beautiful pink bench could not have landed in a better home than Philip's! And I love how he has placed it under the painting - it brings out the best in both.
It is such a pleasure to know you and Irwin and so many other great Twitter friends. I started on Twitter not long after you with nary a driving lesson! My life is a richer place for having my Twitter friends in it. Contrary to popular belief, social media has expanded my world - we are all so much more than hiding behind a computer screen. Speaking of I can't wait to get down to the gallery again. We need to make a lunch date!
# Posted By Catherine | 2/21/11 7:54 PM
Tonia's Gravatar It was my pleasure, anytime for a great cause.
# Posted By Tonia | 2/21/11 8:22 PM
The Zhush's Gravatar great! Who doesn't love a happy ending!? And, what a great father!
# Posted By The Zhush | 2/21/11 8:24 PM
marcy's Gravatar Many thanks Catherine, Tonia and Sue. We are so delighted to have found our 'Baby" such a wonderful home! would not have been possible w/o your help! Look forward to seeing you in the gallery very soon.
# Posted By marcy | 2/21/11 8:34 PM
yvonne@designvignettes's Gravatar I first heard of your Pretty in Pink for Life bench by following Leslie who I "met" on twitter and then met in real life while visiting the Nate Berkus Show in New York (another event brought to life through connections made on twitter). Linda and I were happy to include you in our first issue, and even happier to note that the bench had found a home (and it looks gorgeous there!) I look forward to meeting you and Irwin in person, and touring your beautiful gallery! My best to you both - Yvonne
# Posted By yvonne@designvignettes | 2/21/11 8:43 PM
marcy's Gravatar Many thanks Yvonne! We look forward to meeting you and Linda in person as well and look forward to touring you around the gallery. I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to meet you on Nate Day- we must have been in different holding rooms-lol!!

Thank you again for including us in the first issue 0f New England Finery. It is a beautiful
# Posted By marcy | 2/21/11 9:06 PM
tamara matthews-stephenson's Gravatar what a touching story and all in the name of a good cause -- it was all gerat fun happy that pretty pink bench found a home. xo tamara
# Posted By tamara matthews-stephenson | 2/21/11 10:07 PM
Michelle from Holley & Gill's Gravatar Oh Marcy, what a wonderful story of the power of not only Twitter, but of friendship and of love. So happy for this powerful ending indeed.
# Posted By Michelle from Holley & Gill | 2/21/11 10:41 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you so much Michelle! I agree- that combination is truly unbeatable!

And Tamara- so true, what a good cause! And for it to end up in Philip's home...with three young daughters, I couldn't have written a better ending!
# Posted By marcy | 2/21/11 11:07 PM
Marcy's Gravatar I am so delighted that the beautiful bench has a wonderful new home! Love the power of social media - and what great friends as a result of it!
# Posted By Marcy | 2/28/11 9:39 AM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Marcy. We are truly thrilled. agree. Can't imagine not knowing you- and would not have that pleasure w/o the benefit of social media.
# Posted By marcy | 2/28/11 9:46 AM