Inner Beauty

We are over a half-century old and, if I must say so myself, my sister Lynn and I look better than most models half our age.  I’d like to tell you that a strict course of maintenance is responsible for our beautiful shape and youthful glow, but I would be lying.  

We were natural beauties from birth.  Although we were delivered hours apart, we were identical in every way and it was almost impossible to distinguish between us. In fact, we were named Lynn and Anne because everybody agreed that we were “cut from the same cloth”.

We led carefree lives, never giving a moment’s thought to maintaining our appearance, never even considering the possibility of aging. We draped ourselves in cheap fabric and allowed our chassis to be abused. We were coveted at dinner parties and caressed by envious hands.  Life seemed grand.

By the time Lynn and I reached our 40’s our glow began to fade and with it, our popularity.  Without our legendary looks, my sister and I felt like haggard facades, with no foundation for support. 

It was a startling epiphany for us: The recognition that our kind of beauty was fleeting and did not withstand the test of time.  Our beauty, like our young admirers, had abandoned us, leaving us without purpose and washed up before we were even middle aged.  

Summoning an inner strength we never knew we possessed, Lynn and I picked up our tired, paunchy bodies and began our journey of self-realization.  As luck would have it, we found ourselves rediscovered at an open call audition for has-been models like ourselves where we were chosen by Irwin.  We had no idea what he had planned for us, but we knew instinctively that we were on the proper path.

We listened carefully as Irwin spoke.  Although “we had enduring style,” he said, our foundation was severely damaged and needed to be: “Rebuilt, literally from the bottom up.”

Rebuilt....From the bottom up

We held our breaths as our surgeon Alex, made the first cut. Surprisingly pain free, we stared in awe as my sister and I were stripped of our shoddy upholstery, revealing an all but disintegrated batting and deteriorated webbing.  Lynn and I were immediately stabilized as our webbing and batting were promptly replaced.


Rebuilt...From the inside out

When the final stitch was strategically placed, our arms were once again youthful and our legs were bronzed and glowing.  At that moment, we felt an exhilaration that we had never experienced. With a secure foundation, our once paunchy seats, were perky and firm once again.


youthful arms & glowing legs

Lynn and I are more stunning and vivacious than ever before and secure in knowing that our beauty goes well beyond the surface.  We have been restored from the bottom up and the inside out


Waiting for finishing touches

We are equally as proud of the beauty you see, as well as our inner beauty, the greatest gift we have ever received.  We no longer take our beauty for granted and thankfully understand the valuable lesson we learned.


 Studded club chairs: Beauty inside & out

We stand before you now as identical as we were upon delivery and grateful in knowing that true beauty can only be achieved after inner beauty is realized.

Susan Serra's Gravatar What a fantastic post! Love the analogie, it's perfect!!! And, beautiful new specimens await new owners for a new life filled with appreciation...and respect!
# Posted By Susan Serra | 2/22/10 9:32 AM
karen's Gravatar Very good one! Glad to read this kind of blog again. Thanks for listi
for listening.
# Posted By karen | 2/22/10 12:08 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Susan for your lovely comment. Inner beauty is an essential component in all facets of our lives.
# Posted By marcy | 2/22/10 12:13 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Karen. We need to listen if we want to be heard. Thanks for the reminder!
# Posted By marcy | 2/22/10 12:15 PM
Marcia Blake / Outdoorinteriors's Gravatar This is the most enjoyable blog post that I have read!! Kudos!! The chairs are beautiful!!
# Posted By Marcia Blake / Outdoorinteriors | 2/22/10 1:01 PM
Tracy Davis's Gravatar Yay, another installment in the collection of "autobiography of chairs" essays! Love these. Nice work, Marcie.
# Posted By Tracy Davis | 2/22/10 4:41 PM
marcy's Gravatar Thank you Marcia & Tracy for your kind words. I hadn't written an "In their own voice" piece in a while and I was actually getting requests.I cannot adequately express how much I value your support~
# Posted By marcy | 2/22/10 5:04 PM
Jennifer's Gravatar Love the conversation and the idea that chairs are part of our history. I tell my clients that good bones are key in key pieces. Like the show and tell too!

Jennifer Duchene
The Home Makeover Mixtress blending cool & cozy style
# Posted By Jennifer | 4/30/10 2:24 PM
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