The Gift

The gifts we receive in life take many shapes and forms.  Some are easily recognizable, others can be difficult to identify, and still others are missed entirely. 

Often, when you have the great fortune of being the recipient of a gift, you’re not sure why this precious commodity was handed to you.  What you do know definitively is that it should be cherished and enjoyed.  That is how Irwin & I felt about this past weekend. 

With a gloomy weather forecast predicted, we somewhat reluctantly headed north at the end of the day Friday, to face the abysmal weather and the added bonus of traveling further north for Parents’ Weekend at our middle son’s college.

What we anticipated to be a “total washout,” became the most wondrous weekend and a magical gift that we would like to share with all of you. 

So, follow the path and savor the beauty of this perfect gift of nature.

A Road Well Traveled

leads to:

American Pastoral  
Where we found 


Bales of Kale


 Yards of Chard







Llamas & Alpacas

And Cow'dya do!

Impressionistic Flora

And A Viewmaster's View

Patches of Pumpkins

















Flocks of...Bourds  



Ugly ducklings turning into swan gourds 

Cinderella's Carraige

& humpty Pumpkiny



The rich beauty of autumnal hues are sure to capture our imagination and inspire us all.  

So, capture the sweetness of the season and bring it into your home,

And create your own Room with a Hue, letting the autumnal palette envelop you.


Modernemama's Gravatar Inspirational bounty!
# Posted By Modernemama | 10/22/09 9:37 PM
Susie's Gravatar Living across the world in the rather muggy tropics, I look at these photographs of your autumnal weekend and sigh with nostalgia for the season. Lovely post.
# Posted By Susie | 11/2/09 6:52 PM
kelly's Gravatar Very personal thoughts and sentiments.It was a journey worth taking. Thank you for sharing them. And the next blog,had amazing photos.
# Posted By kelly | 11/3/09 11:39 PM
Jerimiah51's Gravatar Articles like yours help me to liberalize and understand many things. Of course, if the topic is interesting one can open some ebooks search engine download and read...
# Posted By Jerimiah51 | 11/9/09 8:11 AM
Azita's Gravatar Amazingly beautiful and touching!! Thanks for sharing Marcy!!
# Posted By Azita | 11/12/09 10:06 AM